About Chintamani

 Dr. Chintamani Gautam represents a peak of yogic knowledge and teaching in the Himalayan region.  


Registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia RYT500




Registered with Yoga Alliance USA as Experienced Yoga Teacher 200 and 


Registered Yoga Teacher 500










Why learn yoga with Chintamani?
Chintamani has been connected with yoga science for 15+ years. He spent time with yogis and saints in India learning yoga and it’s tradition and culture. After that, he was at university studying yoga academically culminating in a PhD in yoga science and two master’s degrees. During his research, he conducted various yoga workshops, training camps, therapy & sadhana (practice) camps in different parts of Nepal and India. He also presented papers on yoga science at various seminars. He will soon be expanding his teaching and research internationally and with plans to conduct yoga retreats, corporate yoga and teacher training worldwide. Expressions of interest are welcome.
To understand the original essence of yoga, one has to understand Sanskrit. As Dr. Gautam is highly qualified in Sanskrit. He understands the yoga essentials and can share this with his clients for maximum benefit. Initially, he studied science and has a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Thus, classes with him are according to the needs and physical efficiency of an individual who is willing to learn or consult with him.
He is very friendly with his clients in a group or individual setting and conducts the classes in a fun and interesting manner . He encourages students to practice yoga and meditation properly with his knowledgeable guidance. His classes focus on concentration, discipline, refreshment, stress management and relaxation. He is  the program director of Nepal Yoga Retreat and Nepal Yoga Academy which offer complete residential yogic immersion in a superb tranquil and spiritual setting near Nagarkot in the Kathmandu Valley.

Dr Chintamani’s yogic qualities and experience: His teaching has been described as a thorough, highly knowledgeable, polite, sharing, caring, loving, honest, individually tailored, practical, dynamic, traditional, tolerant, patient, effective, confident, flexible, listening, scientific, research-orientated, open minded and light hearted. He respects people of all cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Chintamani can offer the seasoned yogi or the absolute beginner an insightful yoga experience which will enlighten and challenge. Read his clients testimonials here. Or add a testimonial of your experience with him in the comments box.

He provides clear scientific yoga instruction in excellent English using the classical way of yoga  (Hatha, Ashtanga, Kriya, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Raja etc.).

Yoga With Chintamani” your mantra for health and peace!


Dr. Chintamani was born in Lumbini, southern Nepal (it is also the lord Buddha’s Birth place). He was born into an educated Brahmin family. His father is great scholar of Sanskrit literature, eastern philosophy and astrology, he was a great influence on Chintamani from a young age. During his childhood, he learned Sanskrit language, mantras, tantra, puja(worshiping),yogic discipline, yogic food, ans yogic sanskar (refinement and culture) and philosophy. After high school, he traveled to India for further study. He studied science (anatomy and physiology) at Bachelor level. He lodged in Gurukulam system (ashram) and thoroughly learned Vedic mantras, Geeta, the six eastern philosophies, fire ceremony (Hawan) from the swamis (Yogis) there.
Yoga study: During his stay in India, he took the opportunity to learn basic yogic practical knowledge with great yogis and gurus and also pursued his own studies of Upanishadas. At this point, he was inspired by Vedic science to pursue a lifetime career in yoga. He deepened his yogic knowledge and completed a master’s degree in Sanskrit philosophy as well as an MA and PhD in Yoga science from different universities. During his PhD he researched many interesting phenomena about life, restriction, death, liberation, soul, super soul, nature, reincarnation and others. He studied Yoga and Sankhya (theory) philosophy with highly knowledgeable and experienced gurus.

Academic Qualifications & Training
PhD in Yoga science, Gurukul Kangadi University, India.
MA in Yoga science, Gurukul Kangadi University, India.
MA in Sanskrit, Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, India.
Diploma in Massage Therapy,  Baba Massage Center, Hrishikesh, India, 2004.
Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy,  Institute of Natural Health Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2002.


Yoga Teaching Experience: Twelve years ago, he started his professional teaching career. He has more than 30,000+ hours (as of 2014) of teaching experience which makes him a supreme world authority on yoga. He has taught in various yogic fields, such as:
Yoga Teacher Training: He started his yoga teacher training for international students seven years ago. More than 800 local and international students have graduated successfully from his valuable training courses. Many of them are teaching successfully all over the world.
Child and Student Yoga: Ten years ago, Chintamani started teaching young people from age 6 to university level. He focuses on physical and mental health, the importance of discipline in student life, how to increase memory and recall power for studies and responsibility for themselves and in society. Many types of students, from medical through to engineering, benefit everyday and throughout life from his teachings.
Yoga for the Elderly: 7 years ago, he started teaching elderly people in various homes, societies and care centers. He conducts friendly practical yoga classes and philosophical discourses.
Prenatal Yoga: He has a great knowledge of yoga through all stages of life. During the beginnings of life, he teaches expectant parents about nutrition, exercise, pranayama, routines, relaxation and meditation that will benefit both the parents and the baby with spiritual, cosmic and pranic energy. All this for the purpose of a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby.
Corporate Yoga: Chintamani’s yoga helps increase productivity and health in the workplace. He has taught at banks, colleges, universities and companies, internationally. He helps removes stress, tension and improves concentration at all levels of a company from workers through to management.
Healthy Yoga: He and his team run daily drop in classes for maintaining sound health. He teaches at clubs, societies, to sportspeople, officials, trekking groups and casual tourists etc.
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Giving a lecture to MBA students about lifestyle change through yoga and discipline.

Giving a lecture to MBA students about lifestyle change through yoga and discipline.